The first instalment in The Alien Zoo series has finally hit the shelves… And I’m going out of my brain with excitement! But maybe that’s just me? The world’s population seem to be continuing to go about their business as if this isn’t actually the most significant event the universe has ever witnessed… What a bunch of weirdos! Surely the moment should be marked by having the streets shut down for a parade and some sort of sandwich being named after me. Plus, would a public holiday be out of the question?

No. In reality, for most authors, I’ve learnt that a book release is a fairly private party for friends and family. Which is more fun anyway. It was a few days before the official release date that I first heard that The Alien Zoo had hit stores. The news came via a text from my super-cool publisher who was the quickest to spot it in the wild – at Melbourne Airport. Here’s her pic.


Plus some of my author mates were kind enough to send out a tweet. Felice Arena and Tim Harris gave it a pump up, along with Teacher/Librarian superstar, Kim Yeomans. Thanks guys!

And my mum saw it in K-Mart – which, to her, means this time I’ve really made it!


So I decided to swallow my embarrassment and head to a few book stores to spot it for myself. Our little family went to a shopping centre to check the book really truly had come out… and that we weren’t just dreaming. But it had. It was in five different shops! The whole thing didn’t seem quite real. This was something I’d been hoping for since, well, since I was a kid, if I’m honest. And this time there was no actual famous person attached to the book. It was all 100% me! I was over the moon… We celebrated the only way we know how; we bought the kids some babycinos.

Lastly we swung by Dymocks for a photo because they have a special arrangement with my publishers: $1 from every Alien Zoo sold at Dymocks goes to Dymocks’ Children’s Charities, so I urge everyone to support this terrific cause. I’m proud that my books can help out in this small way.

AB at Dymocks

Heath and I will have a book launch later in the month. In the meantime, we held a workshop for kids at The Little Bookroom in Melbourne last week. That was a blast and we were thrilled to see the shop so full. A huge thanks to Leesa and the team for hosting our ‘special’ brand of infotainment!


So, finally the Alien Zoo story is beginning to reach readers. Maybe even you? If so, I hope you’re loving it! This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been involved in. And even though the world hasn’t stopped, I’m still slightly woozy about the whole thing. Woohoo!

Having said all that, for book two, I’ll need your help to start a petition for the Premier regarding that public holiday…